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             Cornel Realty Career Opportunities

BRAND NEW in 2023

BLUE Membership

$50 Monthly

$700 Transaction Fee

Includes Tier One TC Service 

and the $125 File Review Fee

Other Brokerages Are Raising Their Prices & Fees, We Are Not!

100% Commission Real Estate | And Much More!

$125 File Review Fee

3 Memberships To Choose From

100% Commission

100% Commission done right and that’s just the start!

First Class Broker Support

Cory Schaefer, our Broker is always here to help when you need.  Simply call, email or stop by!

Transaction Concierge

Our concierge service saves you time and money!

Office Access

Our agents get free access to conference rooms, works stations and more!  As well as our secure fingerprint access for after business hours.

100% Commission On All Closings

$2,500 / Yearly


100% Commission On All Closings


Total $3,000/Yearly

$300 per month

$3,600 Total Annually

100% Commission On All Closings


$700 Transaction Fee/Includes Tier 1 TC


$700/Transaction Fee,

includes Tier One TC Service

I joined Cornel Realty the beginning of 2019, and came from a large franchise brokerage.  This franchise corporation charged unfair transaction fees that would grow substantially with every $200,000 increment in the purchase price.  I also had to pay a “monthly site access fee”. When I left, E&O insurance was being billed to the individual agents and the Brokers did not listen and were not helpful.

Cornel Realty is refreshing, reputable, and promotes our education.  The transaction fee is the lowest in the industry for a 100% brokerage.  Cory Schaefer, our Broker, is knowledgeable, caring and accessible at all times and has personally offered me clear solutions to my real estate issues when they occurred.  Cory Schaefer has incorporated professional policies in his brokerage, and has a strong work ethic. Because of the Cornel Culture and the office environment, I am able to attract quality clientele.

Ellen Kaptain, Realtor, Cornel Realty  S.70577

“It was time for a change and after looking at several good opportunities, it was Cornel Realty hands down!

The clean office space, great location, free CE classes, and true 100% commission structure sealed the deal.”

Rondine Volpert, Realtor, Cornel Realty S.167572

“The reasons why I came to Cornel?  Cory and Nels are very knowledgeable of the rules and ethics governing real estate.  There is no hefty transaction fee that I need to explain to my clients.  Low annual flat fee means that I know what my costs will be and exactly what’s provided.  There is a great calm energy in the office.  Quiet places to work.  Fun Fridays.  Inviting atmosphere yet still work oriented. 

Jenny Wong, Realtor, Cornel Realty S.169349


Bring four agents over and your membership fee is waived!

This means you would pay NOTHING…

Every year as long as you have four agents you brought still members with Cornel Realty.

If This Interests You…

Call today to find out more.


I opened this brokerage to help you the realtor pay less money and spend more time building your business.  The concept is a membership plan. 


Average brokerage fees can total over $20,000 annually. From the transaction fees you collect, Cornel 

only requires $125 for the compliance review.  I can show you how to save thousands of dollars a year.

Give Yourself A Raise TODAY!

Don’t spend anymore $$$   START SAVING TODAY!

If you have questions CALL US TODAY!  Or ask our realtors. 

We get it!  They get it!  Why don’t you?

Cory Schaefer, Broker

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